The world is barren, it is destroyed, it is a wasteland. What used to be a prosperous planet has been reduced to a slimmer of what it once was. This is all due to an almost extinction level event 500 years ago, where the world was almost destroyed, A faction of humans called the Genå (albino human Nazis with black tribal tattoos), started a war that is now known as the Breeder Purge. There the Genå attempted to rid the world of what they perceived to be inferior genes. In the beginning, they appeared to win, but 15 years into the war they were losing. Pushed back to their original borders, barely holding on. It was then they released their ultimate weapon which led to the Great Cleanse.

500 years since the Great Cleanse what is left of civilazation lives in huge moving cities, called crawlers. Where the higher up you are the more important you are.


In our world we had a major battle between the communists and more capitalistic approaches. In this world however it was a battle between Mechanists, prefering cars, cybernetics, etc. And on the other Side the Genetesists, enhancing animals to serve as tanks, airplanes zeppelins.