Grapton 4th-6th Tier

The 4th through 6th tier serve as a meeting ground, where rich meets poor and the privileged meets the working class. This middle section serves as the residents for the middle class, the Dogs. In this semi-open stratum, weekly markets dot the vast Promenade that serves as a kind of “Central Park” for the city. The West Canal and East Canal resides straight below the strata, servicing many docks where goods from both the factories below, and traders sky traders may be carted by automatons. What artists remain in these troubled times will find a willing audience in this stratum. It’s also famous (infamous?) for pickpockets, thieves and beggars whom the City Watch are constantly chasing back down to the lower strata. There is a good deal of open “sky” here, where citizens can see all the way up to the iron hull that covers the city. This stratum alone offers them “breathing room” from the beehive-like architecture of the others. It’s energetic, bright, and expansive.


4th tier

The 4th tier consist mostly of private residences. This is also where the more advanced production in Grapton is done.

Grapton State Ordnance

Grapton State Ordnance has the monopoly on firearms production (Powder based Firearms).

monopoly on firearmes

monopoly on magic

guard headquarter

5th tier

The 5th tier

6th tier

The 6th tier is the lower part of the mid section of Grapton. It is primarily on this floor that trade with the outside happens.

Grapton 4th-6th Tier

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