Warforged were created to serve as host bodies for humanoid minds. At first they exist as empty shells without minds of their own, perhaps a step back in technology from previous self reliant automatons. The Warforged created only to serve without any freedom, seen by many as a reaction to the dangers of sentient constructs after the Auto-Rebelion of 17 B.GC. The first warforged appeared within a year of the outbreak of the Breeder Purge, a creation from the Genå Sanvit Divison. However, by the Great Cleanse most nations had developed some sort of warforged based on the Sanvit designs. As previously noted most warforged that were given “life” were made to serve during the Breeder Purge as primarily soldiers, but also engineers and other wartime professions. Their exact origins are not certain, though it is believed that the first warforged were created by the Genå, though by the end of the war most nations had employed som sort of warforged.

Physical Description

Altough not all warforged are the same, most warforged appears somewhat brutish in their design. A warforged is made up of a special combination of magic, steel and stone with fibrous materials weaving them all together. A network of tubes run through the warforged’s body, filled with a blood/oil-like fluid designed to lubricate and nourish their being. Most warforged hands consist of two thick fingers and a thumb whilst their feet only have two broad toes to increase their structural integrity.

The warforged face loosely resembles their human creator’s, though they have a toothless jaw, heavy brow line and are lacking noses. Each warforged originally had a “ghulra” engraved upon their foreheads, though in resent history warforged have been assigned to get their Mark (tier distinction mark) carved into their temple above their original engraving. However, their original ghulra is still somewhat visible underneath. Each of these runes are unique to each warforged, giving them a sense of individuality.

The warforged are completely sexless and genderless, though their bodies may have been designed with masculine or feminine features, these are considered by the warforged to be little more than aesthetic aspects. The warforged are able to be repaired and modified by those with the know-how, which can give an endless array of possibilities to their appearances.

A warforged on average stands 6’0" – 6’6" and weighs in at 270 – 300 lbs. These numbers may vary among the warforged “subraces”, juggernauts are usually 6’2" – 7’ and 280 – 360 lbs.



Warforged were once creatures of blood and flesh, now inhabiting a living constructs. Still known to be one of Magitech createst acomplishements today. Warforged were made as empty shells, their bodies prepared with a simple purpose, the purpose of serving as hosts. When suitable applicants are found hen’s (gib gender appropriation points) mind is merged to the warforged leaving hen’s body barren, soon to be dead. Other warforged come from the recently deceased, usually with the purpose of reintroducing them to the war. Even though the secrets to this blending has been lost, many warforged still roam Gæteia. Many as mercenaries, still in the service in some way to their old lords, but equally many are free, still trying to reintegrate to society, to varying success.


Warforged are often solitary and extremely patient, which leads for very lonely existences for most. Occassionally, warforged will form strong friendships (literally brothers-in-arms) with members of other races, but that is on a case-by-case basis. Far more important than how warforged feel about others is how the outside world feels about them. Given that their very presence is a reminder of a conflict many are trying to forget, most people do not despise the warforged, nor do they like them.

Alignment and Religion

Warforged are the same alignment as they were in their previous humanoid body.

A special note should be made of two small, but growing churches of warforged; the Lord of Blades and the the Becoming God. Both of which are dedicated to the welfare of all warforged everywhere, but where the Becoming God seeks to better understand the place for warforged without the presence of war, the Lord of Blades seeks eliminate all non-warforged life, claiming that the ‘breathers’ are no longer fit to govern the world that warforged find themselves in.


Warforged make great adventurers, known for their adventure-lust. The reasoning behind this is believed to be that many of the previously short-lived races (humanc, etc.), now residing in warforgeds suddenly find themselves with more years than they know what to do with and hence can get easily bored.


Same as before.

Still no effects have been found due to ageing

Base Height & Weight:
Height: 5’ 10" (Medium) or 2’ 10" (Small)
Weight: 270 lbs (Medium) or 50 lbs (Small)
Modifier: 2d4 / Weight Modifier: x4

Racial Traits

Type: Humanoid (Half-Construct Subtype):
Ability Score Racial Traits: +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma
Or Created gain +2 racial bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied natures.
Size: Medium Size or Small Size. Once chosen, this size cannot be changed.
Those that choose to be Small Size get the standard +1 size bonus to hit and armor class and -1 penalty to CMB and CMD.
Those that choose to be Medium Size do not get any size bonuses or penalties.
Base Speed: 30’ for both Medium and Small.
Languages: Same as their original race
-Type: Humanoid (Living Construct Subtype)

Construction Metabolism: Warforged have the following alterations to a normal humanoid’s natural processes
Warforged do not need to eat, breathe or sleep, but do need to rest for 8 hours to regain spells or similar abilities.
Warforged do not heal hit points or attribute damage naturally, but can be repaired with use of the Craft skill or with effects that repair constructs. Repairs made with the Craft skill take 8 hours and a warforged repair kit. The amount of hit point damage repaired per check is the result of the Craft check -15. Repairing a point of attribute damage requires 8 hours and a Craft check, DC 25. Repairing both hit point damage and one point of ability damage can done during the same 8 hour period, but still requires two different checks. Appropriate Craft skills include armorsmithing, blacksmithing, gemcutting and sculpting. A conscious warforged can repair itself.
All applications of the Heal skill while used on a warforged are replaced with an appropriate Craft skill.
Spells from the conjuration (healing) subschool or supernatural abilities that duplicate them are only half as effective, rounded down.
Warforged are not capable of procreation, having to rely on a Lifeforge to create new warforged.
Warforged do not change size or appearance naturally over time.
Construct Mind: Warforged get a +2 racial bonus to resist mind-affecting and stunning effects and are immune to paralysis and sleep effects.
Tireless Soldier: Warforged automatically succeed on any Constitution check to continue running or a forced march.
Construct Resistance: Warforged get a +2 racial bonus to resist disease, death effects, energy drain, exhaustion, fatigue, nausea, poison and sicken effects as well as stabilization checks and checks to remove negative levels.
Natural Plating: Warforged have a metal plating that provides them with a +2 natural armor bonus to AC. Warforged can still wear normal armor as can other races, however this plating also counts as metal for the purposes of a druid’s armor limitation. Warforged can be targeted by spells, powers and effects that affect objects made from metal, stone and wood.
Slam: Warforged have a single slam attack: Medium (1d6) or Small (1d4). This follows the normal rules for natural attacks.

The following alternate racial traits may be selected in place of one or more of the standard racial traits above.
Adamantine Plating: The composite plating of the warforged was made with adamantine, granting you a +2 natural armor bonus and damage reduction of 1 / -, as well as making your slam attack, or any other natural weapons you possess, count as adamantine, in addition with other material types. However, you are always considered to be wearing metal armor and your base movement is reduced to 20’. This damage reduction does not stack with other sources of damage reduction, except with the Improved Damage Reduction Feat. Warforged with this alternate racial ability weigh eight times as much as a normal warforged for their size and can be targeted by spells, powers and effects that affect metal, stone and wood. This racial trait replaces the normal movement rate and natural plating.
Elemental Redundancy: The internal workings of these warforged are protected against common elemental damage, but at the cost of a redundant neural matrix. They still get a +2 racial bonus to resist mind-affecting and stunning effects, but have fire resistance 5, cold resistance 5 and electricity resistance 5. This racial trait replaces construct mind.
Darkwood Plating: The warforged still has a +2 natural armor bonus to AC and their plating is made of darkwood, which satisfies the metal requirement for druids. Warforged with this alternate racial ability can be targeted by spells, powers and effects that affect stone and wood, but not metal. Only Craft: Woodworking can be used to repair warforged with this alternate racial trait. This racial trait replaces natural plating
Psiforged Plating: The composite plating of the warforged was made with dozens of crystals. These crystals act as a cognizance crystal, allowing you store 1 psionic power point within them at 1st level. Every odd level thereafter, you can store 1 additional power point into the crystals of your body. These crystals cannot be targeted separately from you and cannot be disenchanted or suppressed. In all other ways, these crystals act as a single cognizance crystal. Warforged with this alternate racial ability can be targeted by spells, powers and effects that affect crystal, glass, wood and metal, but not stone. This racial trait replaces natural plating.

Warforged Upgrades



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