Shuriken has the same stats as darts

Powder based Firearms:

On Grapton firearms are highly restricted. To own a firearm one needs a license. There are diffferent levels of the license, ranging from level 3 to level 1. Level 1 allowing the use of firearms everywhere, except the 1st tier and the threads. Level 2 allowed everywhere, except the threads and the 3 upper tiers. Level 3 only allowed in the mid tiers and lower tiers (4-8). Citizen on the 9th tier are never given the right to own firearms. There are ofcourse certain areas within tiers with higher security.

Name Cost DMG (S) DMG (M) Critical Range Capacity Weight Special STR (Req)
One Handed
Light Pistol 200 1d6 1d8 19-20×2 30 ft. 10 2 lbs SA* 8
Heavy Pistol 300 1d8 1d10 x4 40 ft. 10 4 lbs SA* 11
Two Handed
Light Rifle 500 1d8 1d10 19-20×3 60 ft. 10 8 lbs SA* 11
Heavy Rifle 750 2d6 2d8 x4 80 ft. 10 12 lbs SA* 13
Scattergun 600 2d4 2d6 x2 20 ft. 6 10 lbs Scatter 15

(might change the critical ranges)
Adding SA adds 1 to the required STR, while auto adds 2 to the required STR. If you have too little you get a -2 to hit for every point beneath the STR limit you are.

Reloading a magazine (Complex; 2 acts): You unload the previous magazine and insert a new one. If you have the Rapid Reload feat this is reduced to a simple action.

Insert a cartridge into a firearm (Simple Action, 1 act): You insert a cartridge into your firearm. If you have the Rapid Reload feat with the weapon you are reloading, this is a swift action.

Different magazine between the light and heavy mags, though they are worth roughly the same. 30 round mags does not fit well into pistols.
10 round mag = 2gp
20 round mag = 3gp
30 round mag = 4gp
6 scattergun cartridges = 2gp

Firearm Upgrades:

Upgrade from Semi-Auto —> Automatic:
Costs 50% of the base items value. Allows using the Auto property in addition to Semi-Auto. However, it also gains the Gets Hot property.

Firearm Special Properties:

1. Burst (2 acts): (-2 to-hit) (3 shots) When making an attack against an opponent with a burst weapon, make three attack rolls with a minus 2 to each hit.

2. Gets Hot: A weapon with the gets hot quality has its misfire chance increase by 1 for each continuous turn of operation. When a Gets Hot weapon misfires, it inflicts 1d4-1d6? damage to the user(s) and gains the broken condition.

3. Scatter (1act 2acts): Scatter Weapon Quality: A weapon with the scatter weapon quality attacks all creatures within a cone. When a scatter weapon attacks all creatures within a cone, it makes a separate attack roll against each creature within the cone. Each attack roll takes a –2 penalty, and its attack damage cannot be modified by precision damage or damage-increasing feats such as Deadly Aim or Vital Strike. You can only use Scatter twice per turn.

4. SA=Semi-Auto: This weapon may be fired as many times per turn as you have ranged attacks, so long as there is still ammunition or sufficient power for you to do so. A semi-auto weapon misfires only if all shots made with it misfire.

5. Auto=Automatic
Concentrated Fire (3 acts) (20-30 shots): Attack 3 times with a -2 to each attack roll, each hit deals 4x the damage of the dice, but no precision damage, etc..
Spray (3acts) (30-50 shots): Deal 2x the damage of the dice of all targets within (usually) a 30ft. cone, or 15.ft wide line 60ft long???
The targets gain a reflex roll equal to 10+1/2 your bab? + dexterity, to half the damage.
Most automatic weapons use 30 rounds during a turn, roughly 300RPM…

(-4 to-hit) (2 shots / square) Target adjacent squares, each additional square after the first gains +2 cumulative AC (Square #1 has AC 5, square #2 has AC 7, square 3 has AC 9, etc.) make attack rolls against each square independently. Targets in squares attacked in this manner take one hit on a successful attack roll. An attack made with a weapon using full automatic fire is a full round action.-

If you use automatic with less than the required shots(rounds) you gain a -1 on damage for each missing round?


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