Character Creation

We will be using the character sheets within roll20. For the initial character sheet however would be preferable for an easier overview.
Practically everything from has existed at one point or another on Gæteia. But much has changed since the Great Cleanse (end of Breeder Purge). Technologies have been lost, divine magic is still on the decline and even some of the arcane arts have seen vast changes this past century. Hence, if the magical item is not listed anywhere else, or follows one of the patterns previously discussed please ask before choosing, it might be forgotten or functioning differently from what listed on d20pfsrd, or But in general, more items were added than removed, so as long as it is not from a third party other than spheres of power and fire mountain games it should be fine.

For flavour you can have one additional trait and with a disadvantage you can have yet another trait if it fits for the character, for a total of 3 traits and 1 flaw.

20 point buy (But remember, the npcs will minmax as hard as you guys :p)

Your characters will start at 3rd level. You will start with the average wealth for this level – 3,000 GP. In addition to this you will also be given 5 story points (SP) that you can expend to enrich your background.

Examples of SP costs:

1-5SP: Contact
Individuals that can be called upon for assistance – at the GM’s discretion, this can include groups or organizations, usually through particular individuals within those groups or organization. Example: 1SP marshall service – got
1-5SP: Home
Cost varies based on tier and size. Example: 2SP house on 4th tier with 3 bedrooms.
1-5SP: Business
Employees, location, size. Example: 3SP Brothel on 6th tier with a few employees.
1-3SP: Education
Law degree.
1-3SP: Fame
1SP: Job
1-5SP: Assets
Family trust that gives you x gold per month, etc.
● suggests low disposable income: 50 gold a month and approximately 100 gold worth of assets.
●● suggest moderate disposable income: 100 gold a month and approximately 500 gold worth of assets.
●●● suggest significant disposable income: 200 gold a month and maybe 1,000 gold worth of assets.
●●●● suggest substantial disposable income: 1,000 gold a month and 50,000 gold worth of assets.
●●●●● suggest significant wealth: 5,000 gold a month and as much as 500,000 gold worth of assets.
1-3SP: Retainer
-1 SP: Debt to mafia
-1 SP: Enemies

1SP: Class Skill
You gain another class skill.
1SP: Sturdy
You gain 2 more hp.
1SP: Skillfull
You gan 2 more skill points.
2-3SP: Featfull
You gain another feat.

Special Background:

Each character is also allowed a special background which may influence how their future develops. Think of it as a personal story line.


Interesting Classes:

In addition to this all classes changed and allowed here: Classes

Character Creation

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