Population 150,000 (40,000 (2k Genå) humans; 15,000 dwarves; 15,000 elves; 60,000 half-races, 5,000 gnomes, 5,000 halflings 500 android, 500 gearforged, ??? mutant, 10,000 other; + non sentient constructs + 5,000 unmarked (government claim)
Notable NPC’s


Originally Grapton was in fact not a crawler, but a rather a large building, a city in its own right. Back then it only consisted of the 5 top tiers. It was there in this city state that 66,000 inhabitants made their living before the “Beginning of the Breeder Purge.” Grapton at that time was located not to far away from the Genå. During the war large expansions were made to the building in the form of underground living space, leading to the construction of what is today the 6th through 9th tier. And when the Genå were getting close, the people of Grapton uprooted their city in an attempt to escape from the Genå. This process took everything the city had and it was only barely that it managed to escape.


They city of Grapton is one of the few crawlers that still exist in the wasteland of Gæteia. It consists of 10 tiers, where the higher up you are the more important you are. Except for the 10th tier which houses the Elephants or engineers whom are seen as more important than the Dog’s.

The different Tier Distinction Marks are displayed on the posterior side of the hand for all and for Dogs and Lions it is displayed beneath their neck. These marks are magically imbued on the wearer and not even dispel magic will remove them permanently.

On the outside of Grapton there are two set of rails where trams may move between the 9th tier and the 2nd tier. The Tram is responsible for most cargo transport in the city, but also for personnel transport. There is also a multiple large lifts in the city. The largest one is operated by the Elephants and is used predominantly to transport what is needed for maintenance around the city, use by anyone from outside the Elephants is highly unusual. The Public Lifts on the other hand are multiple smaller elevators that are reserved for public transport.

Top: 1st-3rd Lion (2,000+) [15→30,000]
Threads: 10th Elephant – engineers (2,000) [2→4,000]
Mid: 4th-6th Dog (26,000) [1→26,000]
Lower: 7th-8th Rat (60,000) [0.1→6,000]
Ground: 9th Roach (60,000) [0→0]
Unmarked (government claims less than 5k)

Sky: Eagle (no votes)


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