Gods, Magic, and Alignment

Even after the passing of the old world and the birth of the new, Gæteia remains a deeply diverse place, where philosophies and traditions do battle as readily as nations.



With the Great Clense the connection to the differnt planes were broken, and so many of the deities. Altough what happened to the other planes and the old deities remain uncertain, what is commonly believed is that if they could have returned they would have by this point. Still, many remain loyal to the different old gods. Slimmers of, what is believed to be, the old gods’ divine powers are still seen on the material plane. Though with the loss of the old deities some of the newer deites, that appeared in the last few houndread years before the Great Clense, and after, have grown in power.

The Gods

The new gods are a pantheon of deities centered around the Algod, called Algud by the Genå, the believed creater of all. The Algod belief appeared all across the world simultaneously around the beginning of the technological revolution with the appearance of the new gods. Though little is known about him(her?) it is believed that his only acomplishment was the creation of the new gods, some even speculate that he was the creater of the old gods aswell.


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